Axis 400-800

The new schaerer® axis 350 is combining Swiss precision with longevity which leads to cost effi ciency. Through its unique design, the operating table offers high versatility for all surgical applications. The schaerer® axis 350 is an electro-hydraulic operating table with two different available columns, sliding top, motorized joint and Wireless Hand Control (optional).


Benefits at the glance

1902 US axis 350 benefits

Free to control

The intuitive hand control with colored touch screen (2.8 inch / 71 mm) is available in two versions:

  • Wired Hand Control (standard) with two connecting points on the operating table
  • Wireless Hand Control (optional) with RFID and Bluetooth technology

The Bluetooth technology enables the user to control the table even through obstacles. With the RFID recognition the user can use the same Hand Control with another table just by holding the controller to the RFID interface on the desired table.

  • One Hand Control for multiple tables
  • Unlimited accessibility

The colored touch display and backlit guided interface enables safe table manipulation:

  • Intuitive interface design

The following Hand Control features help to save time and ensures safe handling:

  • Individually programmable memory function to store frequently used patient positions
  • Log-file for service purposes
  • Liquid protection: IPX7 on Hand Control
  • No need for extra charging station for Hand Control