SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. has a rich history in providing innovative medical equipment.



Maurice Schaerer founds Schaerer Medical AG and develops surgical instrument line with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kocher.


Schaerer Medical AG develops the first mobile surgical table.


Schaerer Medical AG introduces the Nova X-Ray, the first radiolucent surgical table.


The CHICK® Langren (CLT) Orthopedic Fracture Table is introduced by Chick Orthopedics, Inc.

1990:   Midmark Corporation acquires the CHICK brand of Orthopedic Fracture tables and accessories which include the CHICK Montreal Lateral Positioning Device, the CHICK Infant Cast Table, and the CHICK Roller Patient Transfer products.
1995:   Midmark Corporation introduces the Midmark 7100 by Schaerer Medical, the first cantilevered general surgical table to offer full body C-arm imaging.
1997:   Midmark Corporation introduces the Midmark 7300 by Schaerer Medical, the first truly modular surgical table.
1998:   Midmark introduces the CHICK Imaging Orthopedic (IOT) Fracture Table with a full radiolucent patient surface; which becomes the gold standard for Orthopedics.
2001:   Schaerer Medical AG (Switzerland) purchases a majority stake in Ohio Medical Instrument Company, Inc. (OMI) the developer and manufacturer of the world renown MAYFIELD® Neurosurgical Cranial Stabilization System. OMI is renamed SCHAERER MAYFIELD USA, INC. Schaerer also acquires the assets of Midmark Corporation’s Hospital Products Division, becoming the manufacturer and distributor of the CHICK brand and distributor of the Schaerer brand surgical tables for the US.
2004:   Schaerer Mayfield sells the assets of its’ MAYFIELD Cranial Stabilization System to Integra LifeSciences to focus on the specialty surgical table market.
2010:   Schaerer Medical AG purchases 100% of Schaerer Mayfield USA and renames the company to SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. Later that year, Schaerer introduces the CHICK Low Profile (LP) Orthopedic Fracture Table.
2011:   Schaerer Medical introduces the ARCUS 501 & 601 Heavy Weight Tables, the latest technology in surgical tables.
2014:   Schaerer Medical introduces the Rotex Table System by Condor Medicaltechnik GmbH for Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) Total Hip Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy giving the surgeon full control of leg manipulation.
2015:   Schaerer Medical introduces the Schaerer Carbon Spine Frame, the first cantilevered open spinal table system.

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