SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. works to support the efforts of surgeons and medical professionals to provide the best care to their patients.

SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. is committed to create a leading, technologically-advanced position in the operating theatre market thus demonstrating strong customer orientation through continuous and progressive development of partnerships.

SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. is a leading solution provider of mobile OR Tables and accessories for patient positioning.


Please find the latest Testimonial about our schaerer® Carbon Spine Frame here.

Brand-new: RotexTable® by Condor

Schaerer Medical is proud to announce that it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights for the United States for the RotexTable®  from the Germany based Condor Medicaltechnik GmbH.

The RotexTable® is an efficient tool for minimally invasive implantation of total hip joints and hip arthroscopy. Precise, reliable, simple and quick set up and absolutely accurate – these are the requirements that orthopedic surgeons have for their instruments. This is exactly what the RotexTable offers for hip replacement and hip arthroscopy. The RotexTable® can be used in combination with any surgical table which makes it very efficient and versatile.

RotexTable® by Condor


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