SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. has a rich history in providing innovative medical equipment.


Maurice Schaerer founds the company and develops surgical instrument line with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kocher.

1912: Schaerer develops the first mobile surgical table.
1957: Schaerer introduces the Nova X-Ray, the first radiolucent surgical table.
1967: The Chick CLT Fracture table is introduced.
1997: Schaerer introduces the chick® 7300 by Schaerer, the first truly modular surgical table.
1998: The Chick IOT Fracture table becomes the gold standard for Orthopedics.
2000: Schaerer Medical purchases OMI and the company is renamed SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC.
2010: SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. introduces the chick® LP by Schaerer fracture table
2011: SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. introduces the ARCUS, the latest technology in surgical tables as well as the cutting edge attachment for anterior approach hip replacement surgery, the Schaerer MIS Extension system.


Please find the latest Testimonial about our schaerer® Carbon Spine Frame here.

Brand-new: RotexTable® by Condor

Schaerer Medical is proud to announce that it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights for the United States for the RotexTable®  from the Germany based Condor Medicaltechnik GmbH.

The RotexTable® is an efficient tool for minimally invasive implantation of total hip joints and hip arthroscopy. Precise, reliable, simple and quick set up and absolutely accurate – these are the requirements that orthopedic surgeons have for their instruments. This is exactly what the RotexTable offers for hip replacement and hip arthroscopy. The RotexTable® can be used in combination with any surgical table which makes it very efficient and versatile.

RotexTable® by Condor


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